Business Controls Processes

We provide clients with a framework for navigating today’s risky business environment, by focusing on deterring, detecting and responding to incidents of material, high impact, non-routine business irregularities. By determining the overall strengths and weaknesses of your business processes and related controls’ environment we then identify potential and existing threats. Our organizational and process change recommendations will help strengthen controls and security over your business operations.

  • Fraud, theft and abuse of power,
  • Theft of information & intellectual property,
  • Financial reporting problems and other business irregularities,
  • Hostile competitor actions and economic espionage,
  • Business process breakdowns and organizational mismanagement, and
  • Violence against executives, staff and facilities.

Our consultants have used this innovative methodology in such diverse situations as the bankruptcy of Orange County California, the evaluation of controls over the manufacturing of Purdue Pharma’s highly controversial narcotic, Oxycontin, the U.S. Department of Justice’s mandated monitoring of operational controls over the Los Angeles Police Department, the evaluation of global exam controls for the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute as well as numerous confidential engagements for Fortune 1000 and other organizations.

Our study methodology includes:

  • Analysis of the corporate structure to determine the appropriateness of your governance strategies, lines of supervision and control, as well as the style and philosophy of management.
  • Review of prior incidents and analyze the dynamics of any current and future business threats, and competitive positioning.
  • Detailed analysis of key business processes including human resources, information systems, administration, security, risk management, accounting and operations.
  • Review of internal and external audit plans as well as evaluation of all other oversight functions, coupled with discussions of controls strategy (including the role of outside advisors).
  • Review of strategies and techniques of crisis management.
  • Advice to executive management and the board on strategy to deter and resolve material business threats.

Integrity Controls Monitoring 

Through integration and sequencing the business controls evaluation with a unique blend of investigative, auditing, intelligence and other monitoring tools we develop robust continuous controls monitoring processes. Our monitoring programs have been used in both the private and public sector to deter fraudulent and/or unethical activities and to assure organizational integrity.