Employee Misconduct, Fraud & Internal Investigations

Unfortunately, even in the most well run organizations, acts of misconduct occur. Employees and former employees engage in a wide range of misconduct, from financial statement fraud to theft, harassment and workplace violence. Management and their counsel must rapidly assess and accurately investigate these allegations in order to make well-informed decisions based upon the facts. It is crucial that such investigations be viewed both internally and externally as "independent," affirming both a sound defense as well as establishing credibility in the workplace. The experts at Marquet International bring a wealth of experience in these matters, which must be handled with the utmost sensitivity, professionalism and discretion.


Intellectual Property Dispute Investigations

In today’s business world, maintaining and protecting vital intellectual property is paramount to the survival of many companies. Whether it is a recently departed executive who has left for a competitor with customer lists or evidence of counterfeit goods, Marquet International has had experience in investigating the circumstances and developing evidence to assist counsel in prosecuting and/or enjoining parties in individual cases. We also work with clients to help organizations prevent future instances of IP theft and to develop strategies for overall brand protection.


Litigation Intelligence

Savvy litigators strive to gain advantages over their adversaries wherever they can be found. Experienced Marquet International professionals provide litigation intelligence support through careful investigation of facts and circumstances. Whether it is providing detailed profiles of opposing entities, determining an adversary’s likely litigation strategy, piercing the corporate veil, identifying, assessing and interviewing witnesses or searching for hidden assets, Marquet International can help litigators be smarter and more effective advocates on behalf of their clients.


Asset Searching & Recovery

One of the most vexing problems for organizations that have won judgments in litigation, have subrogated recovery rights in fraud cases or are otherwise seeking recovery, is whether or not the expense is worth the effort. Marquet International takes a sensible, ethical, legal and pragmatic approach to asset search and recovery engagements. Given the many legal and regulatory constraints, we develop a mutually agreed upon plan to assess the assets of an adversary, often in advance of litigation, to determine the practicality of "putting good money after bad."


Deposition Intelligence, Witness Assessment & Identification

Marquet International believes that clients armed with the best information about their opposition have a better chance of success in their cases. We develop facts and information about witnesses, friendly or otherwise to help shape deposition and testimonial strategy. Key witnesses and experts for either side should be carefully scrutinized for potential weaknesses, inconsistencies and conflicts of interest. In some cases, it is simply a matter of finding potentially helpful witnesses who are not readily identified, which can make all the difference in a case. Marquet International assists counsel in the overall process of witness assessment.


Financial Investigations & Forensic Accounting

All fraud investigations and many litigation cases have a financial component to them, whether it requires a "follow-the-money" approach, quantification of damages in order to prepare a "proof of loss" statement or disputing adversaries’ claims of financial loss. Marquet International can bring independent financial investigators and "forensic" accountants to bear in these circumstances. Unlike many of the large accounting firms and their ilk, our team brings a focused and independent approach to these matters.


Electronic Evidence & Computer Forensics

Virtually every internal investigation and employee misconduct case requires an examination of evidence that is stored on computers. Response to general litigation discovery requests and regulatory subpoenas can involve significant efforts to assemble and organize the appropriate electronic files. Marquet International utilizes experienced computer forensics and e-discovery analysts to properly obtain or recover potential evidence in electronic form. Many of these professionals have testified in various jurisdictions as expert witnesses. Our focused and independent approach is ideal for clients seeking professional and cost effective means of developing electronic evidence.


Political Intelligence

Vetting political candidates, key advisors and supporters has become as standard as conducting opposition research on issues and candidates. Marquet International expert research staff assists parties, candidacies and issue advocates with discreet and appropriately gathered information and intelligence to support the political arena.