Physical Security Audits & Perimeter Testing

We believe it is prudent for every organization to regularly assess their level of physical security to determine whether that security is adequate. Marquet International provides organizations with independent threat and physical vulnerability assessments along with recommendations for improvements. Like a financial audit, companies should conduct regular physical security audits to review existing practices and to test the reliability of in-place systems and procedures. Many clients also request regular electronic sweeps of office and off-site spaces prior to key meetings.


Electronic Security Audits & Penetration Testing

As we increasingly rely on numerous devices to facilitate communication and operations, potential vulnerabilities multiply. Marquet International experts help companies assess these vulnerabilities and make recommendations for mitigating them. We can perform an electronic security audit to determine whether unauthorized outsiders can access systems and a complete report with recommendations for enhanced data security.


Loss Prevention Consulting & Investigations

Every organization suffers from "leakage" – it is only a matter of degree. In order to control this leakage, thereby adding directly to the bottom line, Marquet International offers its clients comprehensive loss prevention consulting and investigations. We work with clients to improve security from the loading dock to the retail outlet. Surveillance, stings and undercover operations are all tools in the battle to mitigate the ever-present risk of loss from employee and vendor misconduct.


Workplace Violence & Employee Safety

Unfortunately, threats and violence are not uncommon in organizations and Marquet International professionals have had a great deal of experience in assessing and responding to such threats as they occur. The following list details instances where enhanced attention is appropriate. Specialized training for workplace violence prevention can also be provided to our clients on a customized basis.

  • Employee Termination Assistance
  • Executive Protection & Travel Security
  • Country & Political Risk Analysis
  • Special Event Security
  • Crisis Management Planning & Response