Unfortunately, even at the most well run organizations, there is always an employee who will step over the line and engage in acts of misconduct. Marquet International has established itself as a global leader in fraud and employee misconduct investigations. With particular expertise in embezzlement cases and threats in the workplace, Marquet International has developed a SWAT team approach to assisting its clients with investigating, fact finding, mitigating and otherwise successfully resolving these types of cases.
Typically working at corporate counsel’s direction, Marquet International brings to bear traditional investigative experts, together with forensic accounting, computer forensics and corporate security and other professionals, to quickly get to the bottom of a variety of a wide variety of employee misconduct cases. Our experience includes, but is not limited to, the following types of matters:
 Employee Theft & Embezzlement – investigate the theft, establish facts, develop evidence and proof of loss; track assets and assist with restitution  Harassment Allegations – investigate allegations, conduct interviews, establish facts, provide additional security, as necessary  Discrimination Claims – investigate allegations, conduct interviews, establish facts & develop witnesses  Threats & Violence – conduct immediate threat assessment, investigate protagonist, provide augmented security & crisis response services  Vendor Fraud, Bribery & Kickback Arrangements – investigate allegations, conduct internal and external investigations, develop facts, evidence & proof of loss; track assets & assist with restitution  Improper Computer Use – conduct computer forensics analysis and develop evidence, provide affidavit and testimony, as needed  Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations – investigate allegations, develop facts & evidence, conduct due diligence, provide ongoing monitoring & compliance programs  Whistleblower/Qui Tam Cases – provide highly sensitive investigation of allegations, assess & develop witnesses, establish facts & develop supporting reports & documentation  Intellectual Property Misappropriation – investigate allegations & develop facts  Economic Espionage & Competitive Spying – investigate allegations, develop evidence, provide counter-espionage security services  Proprietary Information Leaks – investigate allegations, develop facts & evidence, identify suspect(s)