The following case examples are selected from actual Marquet International client engagements. Client confidentiality prevents us from further identification.

Corporate Intelligence & Due Diligence Services

Marquet International was engaged on behalf of a large international financial institution to conduct a due diligence investigation into the backgrounds and reputations of the management team of the mid-sized company involved in the finance of natural resource investments which they were considering underwriting. Our inquiries determined that one member of the management team had previously run afoul of financial regulatory bodies and was barred from the industry. This intelligence allowed our client to make a better informed decision regarding the investment and spared them potential great embarrassment.

Outside corporate counsel for a small, but growing, publicly traded company engaged Marquet International to vet a group of three proposed new directors. We conducted the due diligence only to find that one of the proposed directors had a serious discrepancy in their curriculum vitae. Our client was able to find a new, more suitable, director to replace the one with the questionable resume.

Marquet International was engaged on behalf of a publicly traded high technology company to gather information and intelligence relating to a group of dissident investors seeking to wage a proxy contest to gain control of the board. Our efforts focused on scrutinizing the investor group and potential board members to assist our client in determining strategy as well as developing a sound defense. We identified evidence that the investor group was acting in concert with another investor group, previously undisclosed. In addition, we developed critical intelligence relating to the operational tactics and reputation of the investor group.

A large financial institution considering investing in a series of hedge funds engaged us to look into the background and reputations of the hedge fund managers. Our research revealed that two of the hedge fund managers had histories of violations and censures with financial regulatory bodies as well as an unusual amount of litigation involving unhappy clients.

Marquet International was engaged by a private equity group to conduct an investigation into the background of one of their potential investors. Our client had heard that the potential investor may have had a prior criminal history involving financial fraud. We confirmed that the rumor was correct and provided documentation to that effect. Armed with this information, our client declined to accept the potential investor into their new fund.

A privately held manufacturing concern engaged us to develop intelligence on their principal overseas-based competitor. Our client was seeking to determine what their competitive strategy should be in relation to the principal player in the industry and were looking to learn as much as they could about the company, its management and its strategic growth plan. Our efforts not only helped our client understand this particular competitor more thoroughly, but also enabled them to develop their own long-term strategic plan.

Corporate Investigations & Litigation Support Services

A major US law firm based in New York representing a client in litigation tasked Marquet International with identifying, locating and conducting select interviews of potential witnesses related to their case. We were successful in this endeavor, which included potential witnesses in Canada, the US and the UK, assisting the law partner in their discovery process.

Marquet International was engaged by a mid-sized law firm to conduct an asset search on potential defendants in a lawsuit they were considering filing on behalf of one of their clients. Our efforts uncovered significant real estate interests that would be vulnerable in the event of a judgment on behalf of their client, allowing them to proceed with the litigation.

Corporate outside counsel for a foreign-based, privately held corporation engaged Marquet International to look into allegations of fraud, embezzlement and kickbacks on the part of the management of their US-based subsidiary. Our efforts proved that there was collusion between in-side employees and outside vendors. This investigation resulted in an overall re-organization and review of business controls at the US subsidiary.

Marquet International was engaged by counsel to develop intelligence on a group of plaintiffs suing their client. We were tasked to profile and develop information on prior litigation history and tactics used on the part of the various plaintiffs. Our efforts revealed critical intelligence that provided our client with ammunition to defend against the claims of several plaintiffs.

Inside corporate counsel engaged us to conduct an internal investigation of alleged employee misconduct. A mid-level employee was anonymously accused of receiving kickbacks from vendors of the company. Our investigation focused on the suspect employee, including a forensic review of his company provided computer hard drive and an external investigation of his lifestyle and background. Our efforts revealed that the suspect had, in fact, been receiving services from an outside vendor, paid for by the client company. We utilized forensic accounting experts to develop a complete picture of the loss as well as the basis for a proof of loss claim under the company’s fidelity insurance policy.

Corporate Security & Business Controls Consulting Services

After a senior manager of a large real estate investment concern began acting erratically and making threats, he was put on paid leave, pending an inquiry. Marquet International was engaged to conduct the investigation, threat assessment and provide 24-hour protection for specific co-workers. When our client decided to terminate the manager for cause, we provided additional security during and after the termination as well as liaison with local law enforcement.

Marquet International was engaged by a mid-sized financial institution to conduct a security audit of their office facilities as well as review their security and crisis policies and procedures. Our report identified a number of sensible security upgrades that could be implemented without tremendous cost or change in corporate culture.

A small publicly traded company engaged us to provide security during their annual meeting at a large metropolitan hotel. We conducted an advance review, provided liaison with hotel security and on-site plain clothed security personnel to help the annual meeting go smoothly.

Marquet International was engaged by a large research facility to conduct random physical facility penetration tests. Our security consultants demonstrated several vulnerabilities in this otherwise highly secure facility which our client was able to address with minimal disruption.